Intention for 2017


Welcome to 2017!

Thank you for watching the above video.

As i mentioned in this post my intention for 2017 is all about ‘conscious alignment’.

Once we are able to identify where our lives are out of ‘alignment’ – by observing the places where we are struggling the most, we can begin to gain some awareness and perhaps think about the next ‘action’ step to take towards bringing more harmony, joy, abundance and energy into our lives.

Once we have identified, journalled, shared with a close friend or family member what those kinks might be it’s time to take action.

So what are the action steps?

Is it seeking out some therapy to help you connect more with your emotional wellbeing?

Is it to do a cleanse to allow your energy system to open up to new ideas and possibilites?

Is it to seek some courses or materials to be able to more consciously parent your kids?

Is it to find your local 12 step program to finally get some reprieve from the drugs or alcohol that is keeping stuck in a holding pattern?

How happy are you in your life right now?

Abundance in all aspects of your life is your absolute BIRTHRITE!

It’s all about just having the courage to truly stare yourself in the mirror and stop pointing the fingers at everything and everyone else.

I am totally here to help support you, wherever you may be on this path.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – life can and will get better!


Zoe xoxox

If you feel like sharing where your kinks may be, or what’s holding you back feel free to share. We are all human and all fallible and all divine in our imperfection. Sharing our vulnerability makes us stronger as a collective.








Hey Kaftan Mama Tribe,

This week marks the beginning of my first video blog post. On each video blog I will endeavour to share insights that will guide, support and inspire you on your own journey of awakening.

This week I felt compelled to read from a little book by Karen Casey titled, ‘Each Day: A New Beginning’. I often go to this book for a little wisdom or reflection at the start of my day and have found it really useful as a gateway to reflect on my journey thus far.

After you watch this video I would love to hear you share in the comments about what you have been through or are going through currently and how it is helping and challenging you to grow.

Life is full of what a dear friend calls, ‘Growth Events’. We can either see them as something to run away from, or something to face and move towards with open hearts and minds.

As a community, a problem shared is a problem halved and I believe we can energetically provide love, holding and support to each other in our challenging times.

Sending you love wherever you are on your own journey of awakening.

Zoe xox

Hello and Welcome…

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Hello and welcome to my Blog!

This blog is my passion project. It’s where I believe I am going to be of greatest service to my brothers and sisters around the world.

For the past 20 or so years I have predominantly worked as an actor, presenter, MC, writer and voice-artist. I’ve been extremely blessed with a diverse and rich career across a variety of stage and screen platforms and travelled most of Australia and a lot of the world.

Alongside this successful career, however, I have also experienced a personal history of a deeply masked anxiety and an undercurrent of  general ‘dis-ease’ that manifested itself in the form of addiction.

Nowadays most of us appreciate that addiction can show up in many forms – shopping, exercise, food, dieting, work, drugs, alcohol, sex, social media & technology etc…In fact, addiction can easily morph from one thing to another – sliding across many platforms somewhat seamlessly.

Today my life is vastly different from the girl you may have met in the inner city of Sydney a decade ago. For over 6 years I have been on the journey of health and healing. I am in an incredible relationship with a divine man. I am a blessed mother and bonus-mother and spend most of my time between the rejuvenating energy of the ocean and the sanctity of 10 acres in the Blue Mountains surrounded by rescue animals, horses, gardens and nature.

Life is now naturally FUN. I feel present, grounded and ALIVE.

Although I will continue to work as an actor et al in the world, this blog is a guide to emotional, physical, spiritual and mental wellness. Everything I have learnt and will continue to learn will be passed on to hopefully help guide you towards the BEST life you can live.

All of us wish to live a life full of joy, passion and purpose – A life where you can’t wait to jump out of bed in the morning.

Life is like a fun park and we want to be able to play in it, fully!

My life purpose is to inspire people to awaken by connecting with their feelings and the natural way. I look forward to connecting with you.

Much Love, Zoe xox

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What is freedom?

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Freedom is making a living doing what you love.
It’s spending time with people you want to spend time with.  
It’s being able to truly play presently and openly with your children.
It’s following your heart spontaneously and living in the moment.
It’s about setting goals but then letting them go.
It’s about allowing each day to unfold in front of you.
It’s surrendering the need to control.  
It’s knowing you are not your thoughts but the space in between them.
It’s walking towards your pain not away from it.
It’s about voyaging into the unknown.
Freedom can be frightening.
Freedom means trusting.
To live a free life takes courage, but it makes you feel alive!