Intention for 2017

Welcome to 2017!

Thank you for watching the above video.

As i mentioned in this post my intention for 2017 is all about ‘conscious alignment’.

Once we are able to identify where our lives are out of ‘alignment’ – by observing the places where we are struggling the most, we can begin to gain some awareness and perhaps think about the next ‘action’ step to take towards bringing more harmony, joy, abundance and energy into our lives.

Once we have identified, journalled, shared with a close friend or family member what those kinks might be it’s time to take action.

So what are the action steps?

Is it seeking out some therapy to help you connect more with your emotional wellbeing?

Is it to do a cleanse to allow your energy system to open up to new ideas and possibilites?

Is it to seek some courses or materials to be able to more consciously parent your kids?

Is it to find your local 12 step program to finally get some reprieve from the drugs or alcohol that is keeping stuck in a holding pattern?

How happy are you in your life right now?

Abundance in all aspects of your life is your absolute BIRTHRITE!

It’s all about just having the courage to truly stare yourself in the mirror and stop pointing the fingers at everything and everyone else.

I am totally here to help support you, wherever you may be on this path.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – life can and will get better!


Zoe xoxox

If you feel like sharing where your kinks may be, or what’s holding you back feel free to share. We are all human and all fallible and all divine in our imperfection. Sharing our vulnerability makes us stronger as a collective.







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