Hey Kaftan Mama Tribe,

This week marks the beginning of my first video blog post. On each video blog I will endeavour to share insights that will guide, support and inspire you on your own journey of awakening.

This week I felt compelled to read from a little book by Karen Casey titled, ‘Each Day: A New Beginning’. I often go to this book for a little wisdom or reflection at the start of my day and have found it really useful as a gateway to reflect on my journey thus far.

After you watch this video I would love to hear you share in the comments about what you have been through or are going through currently and how it is helping and challenging you to grow.

Life is full of what a dear friend calls, ‘Growth Events’. We can either see them as something to run away from, or something to face and move towards with open hearts and minds.

As a community, a problem shared is a problem halved and I believe we can energetically provide love, holding and support to each other in our challenging times.

Sending you love wherever you are on your own journey of awakening.

Zoe xox

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