What is freedom?

Freedom is making a living doing what you love.
It’s spending time with people you want to spend time with.  
It’s being able to truly play presently and openly with your children.
It’s following your heart spontaneously and living in the moment.
It’s about setting goals but then letting them go.
It’s about allowing each day to unfold in front of you.
It’s surrendering the need to control.  
It’s knowing you are not your thoughts but the space in between them.
It’s walking towards your pain not away from it.
It’s about voyaging into the unknown.
Freedom can be frightening.
Freedom means trusting.
To live a free life takes courage, but it makes you feel alive!

3 thoughts on “What is freedom?

  1. Very inspired to be reading about your journey, I’m certainly guilty of been a work addict, and I’m gaining deeper awareness that rest, reflecting and playfulness are equally important to nourish the soul, especially when you have children and an amazing husband that sees you! thanks for sharing

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